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Why Donald Trump Jr.’s emails change everything

Why Donald Trump Jr.’s emails change everything

I’ve often wondered what it felt like to live through Watergate. “What did the president know, and when did he know it?” “Events have been rushing toward one seemingly inevitable conclusion.” The disorientation, the confusion, the feeling that you don’t know the truth, but with each and every day that goes by, knowing the truth is worse than you had possibly imagined. I think I know what it feels like now. We are filling in a picture, slowly, that unfortunately makes a lot of sense. Think back to May, when President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey. Why did he do that? Why did he put his whole administration at risk? Well, he had an answer. It wasn’t his White House’s initial answer, but he had an answer. “When I decided to just do it, I said to myself — I said, you know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story. It’s an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should’ve won. But now it’s clear that story wasn’t made-up. And what’s worse, and what might explain Trump’s decision to fire Comey, to obstruct justice, to risk his presidency, is that that investigation threatened the people he loves most in the world. Here is what we learned this week. On June 3, 2016, Donald Trump Jr. got an email. It was from a British publicist named Rob Goldstone. He was writing on behalf of a Russian businessman, Aras Agalarov, and his son, Emin. Both of these folks had worked with Donald Trump Sr. on the 2013 Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow, and they’ve worked with him on other… endeavors. “Emin wake up, c’mon!” “What’s wrong with you?” In the email, which Donald Trump Jr. released on Twitter, in order to get in front of the New York Times releasing it, Goldstone says a few interesting things. First, he writes that Aras, the older Agalarov, met with someone he calls Russia’s “crown prosecutor” — that’s a term that, in other countries, describes a lawyer who argues on behalf of the state. Now, crown prosecutor doesn’t exist in Russia. But just to be clear, the source is later described as a “Russian government attorney,” And what this person has is a pretty big deal. they have “official documents and information that would incriminate Hillary Clinton” and they want to meet with Trump Jr. and the campaign to hand them over. The most interesting part of the email, the one that leaves no shadow of doubt about what what happening here, is the last sentence: this whole thing, the meeting with this lawyer about the incriminating documents, is, quote, “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.” Right there, Donald Jr. is told that the meeting is part of the Russian government’s effort to sway the American election to his dad. And how does he respond? Does he go to the FBI, does he ignore the email? No, minutes later he replies: “if it’s what you say I love it,” and he forwards the whole email thread to then campaign chair Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner. They all go to this meeting with the Russian lawyer at Trump Tower. So what does this tell us? What have we learned here? First, we learn that that Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort knew the Russian government wanted to elect Trump. Next, it tells us all three of these men, they weren’t just open to working with the Russian government against Clinton’s campaign. They were actively trying to do it. They were taking meetings at a busy time in the campaign. All three of them. They were taking meetings to try to work with the Russian government. That has not been their story until now. “Are there any ties between Mr. Trump, you, or your campaign and Putin and his regime?” “No there are not. That’s absurd and y’know, there’s no basis to it.” “So no collusion whatsoever between anybody involved with Trump and anyone involved with Russia in the 2016 campaign?” “No.” “Just to button up one question, did any advisor or anybody in the Trump campaign have any contact with the Russians who are trying to meddle in the election? “Oh of course not.” Now Donald Trump says the Russian lawyer ended up having “no meaningful information” for them. So his defense is basically, he tried to collude with the Russian government to influence an American election, but ugh, the Russian lawyer just didn’t have the goods. So first, that might not matter in a court of law. “The law says soliciting, accepting or receiving.” “He solicited.” “He accepted.” “He maybe never received it.” “He violated the law.”” But also remember, Russia did end up hacking Democratic emails and releasing them in ways and at times that helped the Trump campaign. We know about this meeting now, which doesn’t seem to have been about those emails. But we don’t know if there were other meetings, if there was cooperation on other questions. All we really know now is that the Trump campaign was open to, and actively work towards, colluding with Russia to influence the election. We also know that when they were told Russia was trying to help them, they didn’t react with surprise, or shock, or fear. They said, ‘yeah! Let’s take that meeting.’ It’s always worth asking how people involved in clear wrongdoing might have seemed like the hero of the story to themselves. Trump and his family, they bought into the most fevered conspiracies about Clinton. “She’s arguably the most corrupt politician we’ve ever seen in this country, there’s no question about it.” “If Hillary Clinton were elected, she’d be the first president who couldn’t pass a basic background check.” “She’s a world-class liar.” And they likely believed there was information crucial to American interests lurking in her documents. If they had obtained the emails or anything else and proven Clinton dangerously unfit to lead, or revealed that foreign powers had more information or more leverage over American policy-making than we knew, they would have done the country a great service, or at least it’s easy to believe how they would see it that way. But what they were actually doing was working with a foreign government to influence an American election. And that’s crossing a very serious line. Behind all this, I wonder sometimes: How hard is Vladimir Putin laughing at us right now? One theory of Russia’s involvement in the election is they never expected to elect Trump — they just wanted to sow doubt in America’s institutions and in its leaders. Look how easily, look how wildly they succeeded.

100 comments on “Why Donald Trump Jr.’s emails change everything

  1. This soapie is going to make a hilarious movie one day. Better than Days of our lives, better than another world, Better than the Young and the Stupid sorry meant restless (HELL BETTER THAN DALLAS ) and trump the stump can play JR the idiot.

  2. The last sentece you said is much true. The main goal of Putin was to aweaken the trust of american citizens in their institutions, its part of hybrid war, and he succeeded.

  3. just look at the likes on this video, its like the voters often reflect in the worst times of his presidency 1/·3 trump 2/3 rest of America. I dont think it will change much from that number

  4. mass media has not make yet stay on topic long enough providing all the evidences to the American people to help people to see that the trumps are the Russian connection.

  5. To any decent person, T was a convicted rogue. To move into Government and it's controls was a different ball game. I don't think he ever got that, but then all these supposedly intelligent, trusted people that got into helping him along the way started doing illegal things and they then initially lied to the FBI about what they'd done – and thought they'd get away with it, well that just beggars belief. When this pack of cards starts tumbling, ringside seats will be at a premium, and how many court actions will there be?!
    What's getting funnier and funnier is the predictability of his utterances whenever another bit of truth comes out about what he's been up to – it's always "lies and fake news and similar preposterous denials". We all know that thats just a bully screaming his head off because he's been found out, yet again!!!

  6. When federal laws are broken before one is elected, you must be held accountable. You got the position illegally. All executive orders, laws, and issues should also be reversed. This man stayed out of trouble his entire life with money, bullying tactics, and bribery. That is not a very presidential leader. VOTE!!!!

  7. The common Americans' trust in our government has been in decline since the 1960's. The Trump Administration is the final nail in that coffin. If Vladimir Putin's main goal was to undermine our election process to prove that Democracy is a mockery, gerrymandering, Citizens United and the electoral College has beaten him to it.
    When I encourage people to vote, I usually get either "My vote won't count" or "They're all corrupted and I don't trust any of them". How can you argue with them, especially after the results of the 2016 election? So in reality, Vladdie Boy's wasting his resources in sowing the seeds of doubt in the American voter. The Republicans and corporate Democrats have been hard at work doing just that…

  8. When the congress is run again by the democrats, behavior like junior's will be heavily punished.
    The crime child will have to pay for buddying up the Russians to affect the outcome of an election.

  9. During the Nixon trials, did they have a large base the way they do now defending him, and calling the investigation a fraud?

  10. Jail Time For Trumpski and his Klan. this includes the corrupt GOP and Fake Fox as well!!!!!!

    American Greed!!! Trumpski and His Klan!!!!

  11. It's just over a year later (Sept 2018). When Don junior's emails were revealed in July 2017, the sense of the Russia et al investigation began to feel like Watergate in July 1973, weeks before President Nixon resigned. The pressure seemed to be rapidly increasing, to the point I thought Trump would resign before the end of the month. It didn't happen. It seemed like the pressure increased and increased….. and then nothing happened. It felt a bit like this especially right after the Helsinki news conference. I still expect that some member of the Trump administration will someday write a book and cite July 2017 as looking like the end of Donald Trump was about to happen.
    What everyone seems to miss about Helsinki, about Trump's corruption and his outrageous behavior: the outrageous and stupid behavior is a cover.
    The New York Times said in October 2016 days before 'pussygate' that Trump has had the worst week in his political career. His possibly illegal 950 million loss of other peoples' money having been used by Trump against his own taxes, his corrupt ties to Deutsche Bank, and a couple of other things, that Bob Woodward in Fear said could've sunk him, but then the 11 year old videotape of Trump boasting about molesting women: Pussygate. What happened next was all the news media focused on that. The Times said it was like if after Michael Dukakis rode the tank wearing a too large helmet and was ridiculed for it, he got back on another tank everyday for the next week. If Trump's any example, it probably would've worked.
    The day after Trump humiliated himself at the feet of Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Trump tried a ridiculous ploy, "When I said, 'Why would it be Russia,' I meant to say, "Why wouldn't it have been Russia". Total nonsense, but again the media immediately started going on and on about what a stupid lie….when the real issue remained: Why is the American President kowtowing to Putin? Who can possibly benefit from blowing up our trade relations with our biggest partners, undermining our intelligence services, damaging NATO, undermining the American press, ……? The list is long and consists of either pandering to American right wing paranoia or is damaging to the free world. Instead of corrupt financial practices, and treason– all Trump has to do is just do something outrageously stupid. It's like you've just robbed a bank, but because your pants drop revealing silly underpants, the cops all stop and talk about how silly you are and forget all about you having just robbed the bank.
    So Michael Dukakis? Maybe he should've had a tank at every rally after he was ridiculed. Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinski? He should've started dating.
    Hunter S. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas said, when you pass by a police speed trap going 80 miles and hour, if you hit the brakes you'll just look guilty. Instead, smile at the cop and put the gas pedal to the floor and get her up over 90. When things get weird, the weird turn pro.

  12. FBI top officials are corrupt just like VOX, a propaganda channel. And, so what? He should get his hands on incriminating information about Hillary. I love it!!!

  13. Yes vox, he fire James comedy because Rod Rosenstein and all the demacrouts called for it. And it's not like Vox, has been debunked 80% of the time or anything lol. Do your research. Write down the info given and look it up yourself from multiple sources. Don't let anyone tell you what to think. We are all one. We're we go one we go all. Love is all that matter. Pls research

  14. It's a biased segment, it is not illegal to doubtfully take a meeting and it's a hoax of information, besides Donald Trump did not actively participate. Wouldn't that be equal to saying let's have a meeting to discuss a crime but we just meet and talk about orphan kids needing adoption. The meeting subject makes it a crime ? Or the content of the meeting ? Of course, you idiot, the content. There were purposeful SERUPS by the FBI to give the impression of collusion. That meeting was set up by the FBI to frame The Trump's

  15. Putin is laughing a lot. A while ago I was reading an article where Putin in an interview was telling how wonderful it was to watch Trump by his politics being on the edge of a civil war and loosing respect worldwide, so that Russia could regain power in that matter. That is the price America and the world is paying in this Trump era. Get Trump out of the White House as quick as possible.

  16. And now we have a Russian sympathizer as first lady. I will grant you she is not from the Russian Federation but a smaller Slavic Nation Southeastern Europe, nevertheless…

  17. First off that law (§ 110.20) refers to CONTRIBUTIONS i.e funds, even if stretched to in kind contributions it wouldn't apply to SPEECH. Secondly you say Russia hacked the emails. But that is not proven, you are going under the supposition that Wikileaks is controlled by Russia and that repeatedly has proven to be false. Everything else you say is conjecture. And when you compare it to all the money and weirdness around the Clinton Foundation it pales in comparison. It doesn't seem advisable to stake your professional reputation on this story. Russia certainly posted a bunch of crap to Facebook and Trump is a huge liar but that's all that can be proven and you are stretching facts to make a political point for a candidate that was proven to have committed much worse acts to the Sanders campaign. You're not a very good reporter.

  18. CNN and Vox keep saying that trump won and Hillary lost election because of Russia ??. What a joke. And they have no proof to say how the collusion helped in Hillary losing the election. Not a single proof to say how Russia made Hillary lose the election even after 2 years of investigation . Probably they are thinking of different stories to make a compelling fake theory about how Russia made sure Hillary lost the election

  19. Hillary was such a bad candidate that even if every single country in the world colluded with Hillary to make Democratic Party to win , the people of America would not have chosen Hillary. She will never ever will even if every single news channel in the world supports her. This is my opinion . But cnn and Vox may think that Hillary would win ?

  20. Or Russia was helping to uncover the criminal enterprise that is the Clintons, which we all know is very Dangerous to are Country

  21. Going on a year and a half later, it's looking a little clearer why Trump fired Comey, isn't it? It's because he's getting away with it.

  22. It shocks me still that Trump supporters hear it out of Trump's own mouth and still don't think our president is illegiitimate. I can't imagine the mind that can twist reality so.

  23. Ezra Klein… Thank you for laying it out for us using facts, not conjecture. I think this video might begin to lift that veil of secrecy that surrounds the Trump administration… Keep up the dogged reporting. We the American public are starting to notice that the Emperor is not wearing clothes… ?

  24. The Dem crooks are playing you guys like a well tuned fiddle. Just like they have played the blacks for decades – for votes.
    Do some research into the Clintons' Arkansas days – all the way up to and more recently – the Uranium One deal – WITH the Russians.
    You'll find the Clintons' fingerprints all over that one, too.
    That's why they have tried oh so hard to get the public/media to believe that it was DJT and Russia – when all along it's been her/them – and Russia.

  25. Dangerous criminals in prison are excited to get their hands on an abundant supply of TREASONOUS TRUMP TEAM DORK MEAT, in the near future!

  26. Trump calls the media 'enemy of the people' and uses Fox News to twist the truth and brainwash people. Ah the irony ?

  27. in my language there is a proverb " if you find one termite, then there are hundred in the wood." i think its apt for the situation with trump jr emails.

  28. When you say working with a foreign government to try to influence an election do you mean like when Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid 3 million dollars for a phony dossier made up by the Russians from a British spy is that what you mean because we have solid concrete evidence of that not these conspiracy theories you're talkin about to solicit would mean you would have to make a proposition the Russian lawyer came to them they didn't go to her and they turned her down and what dirt did they bring out about her okay enough said stupid

  29. Opposition research stupid both parties do it it's been done forever stupid there's no there there just like Peter stroke saidnothing ever came of it stupid

  30. Mitch McConnell should be strung up by his thumbs and whipped for trying to cut out social security check and Medicare so they could fill up the pockets of the rich and famous but he has marked up his future for a lifetime of being persecuted by Kentuckians !

  31. Wow! What i saw on every media is againsting Trump… searching for something which can overthrow Trump presidency but,even all media around the world joint hands together for that still find nothing and until today they don't find anything which can prosecutes means there's nothing wrong with trump and He's committed nothing wrong

  32. There's no man like Donald Trump Who's more and much more Qualified to served as US president.He is over qualified that's why all media and all nations is againsting Trump because he makes America and American Rich and brings back his people's to the creator

  33. In short. The office of the president has indeed been compromised. And your suspicions about your institutions are correct. Are you voting in more billionaires in 2020? Or are you learning an important lesson?

  34. Don Jn is now stating he is candidate for the Presidency? Really? When uncle Cohen starts singing you name is coming up as the lyricist and Ivanka as the lead singer!

  35. ????? a year later……. We are still laughing at Liberals and all we do is WIN WIN. Keep up the goos work you Snowflakes

  36. It wasn't that Putin WANTED TRUMP, AS POTUS, it's that he DIDN'T WANT HILARY…. WHO HAD ALMOST COST HIM HIS POWER IN HIS LAST ELECTION. Even trump prefers us all thinking putin loves him….when in fact it was always between Putin & Hilary.

  37. Buddy, it's not just Putin who's laughing at you. It's the whole world. Britain, France, Germany, Uganda, Argentina also I assume. Canada too. Yeah it's not just Putin who's laughing at you. It's everybody man.

  38. Trump stole China’s 600 tons of gold which were saved in NY banks for the use of WTO. Trump also illegally kidnapped a young lady from Huawei as a hostage in order to obtain money and 5G technology. Trump’s behavior was and is no better than that of a gangster

  39. Vox, you really need to watch this video. Right now. This is what you sound like all the time, regardless of whether you actually know what you're talking about or not. Take a little humility and get your journalistic integrity together. Now look at Venezuela from the left's perspective and re-assess I think you'll find a similarly disgusting feeling hit your stomache.

  40. 2.1M views and 10K comments. Imagine how much human life time has gone into this stupid video. All for nothing now that Muller report is out!

  41. The trumps keeping it in the family just like all dictators and Mafia people all Crooks all in dock knitting the lower IQ sector of this country but the universe keeps tabs and their day is coming soon even his supporters I forgive because they know not what they do I know they must love their children

  42. Journalism is at risk of being completely lost to activism. These news sites are literally reporting "news" to promote their own views and interests.

  43. Now that the mueller report has come out you look like a damn fool.You should try getting a job at Cnn.Do your next video apologizing to Don Jr for your incompetence.

  44. They all are liars, murders, thieves, and if there is a movie I hope no one will give a thought to go see it. Isn't what we are experiencing now enough?????

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