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Why Is DOOM (2016) SO AWESOME?!

Why Is DOOM (2016) SO AWESOME?!

94 comments on “Why Is DOOM (2016) SO AWESOME?!

  1. And so he dove into YouTube, propelled by his love of dope ass games and those in the comments named him…

    The Act Slayer

  2. So for quick time events, I always thought it would’ve been more fun for a bit more interaction. So let’s say in DOOM, when you open doors, you have to tilt both analog sticks the opposite direction as if you’re actually pulling apart the doors. Or a door where you pull it up, you tilt both sticks upward. I feel like neat stuff like that would’ve been kinda cool hahaha

    Now one where I wasn’t sure about is if Glory Kills had the same mechanic, like you tilted the sticks in different ways to preform glory kills, or press a button to maybe punch them first then tilt the sticks to rip their heads open the same way you would open doors in my hypothetical quick time mechanic.
    So you would jab A to repeatedly punch them in the face, and then tilt the joysticks in opposite directions to tear their face apart. It could’ve added a bit more interaction and it might’ve been fun to experiment with different button combinations so It actually felt like you were REALLY preforming this glory kills.

    The only problem with my idea is that Glory Kills were fun because they were so quick, and instant and didn’t really get in the way of shoot, and maaaaybe having to preform a quick time might be repetitive or annoying after a while, as regular Glory Killing was so instant. But again, maybe there would’ve been a satisfaction to actually tearing apart a demon’s skull manually hahahah

  3. campaign 10/10
    soundtrack 15 /10
    multiplayer 8/10

    guns 20/10
    demons 10/10
    game itself 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10

  4. Little kid: why do you say doom 2016? It's the first one ever
    Me: pulls out doom 3 special edition for pc
    Little kid: that's an old game thats not any good.
    Me: die.

  5. "Suck on that Christians!" What?!? The heck it's literally like a Christan wet and, you're literally destroying hell and resisting the corruption of the demons.

  6. The only thing I didn’t enjoy in this game was the boss battles they sucked, but aside from that it was fricken awesome

  7. Act man: there's a good reason I didn't play DOOM until now
    Me: Ok lets hear it…
    Act man: shut the fuck up…
    Me: …

  8. Honestly I'm a Christian and I see no problem with this game at all even though I've never played and honestly I think It's GREAT imagine yourself as a Christian cracking the skulls of God's enemys that are constantly are enemy IRL as well It feels awesome!! If Satan were an enemy in this game I would instantly say Fuck You! GTFO! and I would tear him to shreads all day

  9. I feel like with all the shit happening right now, Bethesda is definitely going to find a way to fuck up doom eternal

  10. Fun fact: The "instrument" during the menu music at 12:33 is just straight up a fucking chainsaw ran through a synthesiser.

  11. I know doom soundtrack is supposed to get you hyped but I find it relaxing in a way or is that only me?

    I like waiting in the menu and just fall asleep to it feels nice

  12. The only other game I think comes near to the awesomeness of Doom is Killer Instinct for Xbox One. Mick Gordon certainly knows his shit.

  13. 36:40 I'm fine with the emotes. They're harmless and don't effect gameplay so, I like it. A funny little thing to add.
    You get finished ripping off a demons horn and forcing it down their esophagus, turn around, and your buddy is flossing, lol.

  14. I actually turned the music off…

    to Listen to the soundtrack on Spotify while playing so I wouldnt have to wait between the Fights.

  15. When I bought this my aunt came into my room and started to say “how dare you play this satanic game it will turn you into a satanist and shit”, aunt it’s just a game

  16. It's not that awesome. Doom (2016) is a decent game.
    I'd give it a 7/10 and if it had better music instead of that generic stuff I might give it 8/10.

  17. Act Man what are your thoughts on DOOM eternal? Also please make a video when it comes out it’s gonna be awesome

  18. A question nobody ever asked – because nobody needed to. (Fun vid though, watched it while deciding if I should play DOOM again or not (spoilers: I did))

  19. My ex: wow why is the protagonist of that game a muscular man why can't it be a woman…

  20. Had a bad day at work? School? Want to shoot some shit without going to jail and becoming a martyr by the media to use you to yell at trump and video games and ban guns then buy doom 2016 or doom eternal now and pickup that gun and shoot those mother fucking demons great way to relive stress fun for the whole family even kids

  21. Personally I wish this game had more bosses. It took me 6 hours of play (out of ten hours total for first completion) until encountering the first boss.

    Also the cliffhanger ending really annoyed me

  22. sorry i guys, i installed and plyaed for next fifteen minutes and kept on telling myself i will be in love with it. but on fourth day i uninstalled it.

  23. I actually enjoy the multiplayer. While it doesn't even hold a candle to the OG multiplayer, it is really fun. Emotes aside, I think Id may have decided to focus on the campaign in order to make it the best experience possible, which, job well done. And it's not the worst multiplayer ever, so, cool.

  24. I was actually a really big fan of the first doom remake as well. It wasn't as polished, no… but it was intense and seriously fucking dark. Much darker than the 2016 remake even. The 2016 version was more fun to play overall, but they didn't quite master the horror elements as well as the earlier version. Both were great games, but I think that together, they could've been mashed up to be something even greater. Take the mechanics of the 2016 version and the darkness and atmosphere of the earlier one.

  25. Doom was multiplayer…. I allways hate if nobody talks about it…

    We played it in coop at Nightmare difficulty with seriel cable. 😀 i worked my ass off, to earn enough money aside from school to get me the new 486 DX4 100, to play it in its full glory.

    But hey, old Master Race dont die.

  26. Dude you nailed it. I've been saying a lot of the same things about the new era of gaming. They hold your hand or they waaaaay over complicate things with all these systems and bullshit that feels like homework.

    Doom fucking wrecked me!! I picked it up and played it and was sooo hooked and had too much fun because it's just like what games use to be and your review accurately explains why I've felt so bored with games in the first place. The only complaint I have about doom, is when I was done playing it I wanted to play another game as fun as doom. And I realized. There arent any. I'm like a junkie waiting for the next doom eternal to come out.

  27. Also, the thing that people that say Doom is evil and has the devil inside it and stuff like that? YOU ARE LITTERALLY DESTROYING DEMONS not joining them!!!!!!!!

  28. people: *say doom isn't good
    me: it is, shut the fuck up mother fucker, do you want me to rip your heart out with the berserk powerup?

  29. The only sound Track that for me comes close to doom is the Killing floor 2 sound track

  30. Music isn't metal enough for me, not to say I don't enjoy it. Most games' music is hippity pop or some light rock music, so having some fucking metal in a game is definitely a welcome.

    Next we need some music like Humanity's Last Breath, One More Victim, Hour of Penance, etc. to enter the games.

  31. 00:43 ! nani jokes over doom 3 felt like the event horizon of the doom franchise they tried to hard to make it a horror rather than a hack and slash/blow there fucking heads off with a explosive shotgun i loved the new doom i've completed it on every difficulty and did a couple of speed runs i cant wait for doom eternal it will be a great game

  32. I didn’t think the online was that great when I played it, which was when it dropped, shortly after too… but the Campaign was fucking Bad ass

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