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Why Is DOOM (2016) SO AWESOME?!

Why Is DOOM (2016) SO AWESOME?!

Huuuuuurrrrrrrrrr I’m bored, man. I want to play a video game but I’ve already played everything on my shelf. I need something new something fresh! Wait a minute, what’s that? Diablo? Come on, man. The whole killing demons thing and fighting Satan that was old like 15 years ago I mean, I need something better than this. I played it a million times great game, but killing demons. I don’t know It’s just an old concept Doom, that’s a franchise I haven’t heard of in a long time. But what was this doing up there? I don’t remember buying it or getting it or hearing any news about it coming out Is this just like a cheap reboot made to capitalize off of people’s nostalgia ? Come on, man. That’s so fucking lazy I mean…man.. they are probably just Resurrecting old game franchises because they’ve run out of ideas and need to milk money from people somehow. I don’t know I guess we’ll check it out. What type of a stupid-ass Tony Hawk pro skater five garbage is this going to be? Well, let’s see what this is all about Can feel myself getting bored already [ TIME TO RIP AND TEAR ] What’s happening ? ( getting nervous already ? ) [ PRESS IT! PRESS IT! ] [ OH YEAH!!! ] ERGHH Oh Jesus, oh thank god. Oh This game is gonna kick ass, isn’t it? Yes, DOOM 2016 certainly kicks ass It kicks the most ass physically possible. Now some of you might been thinking and asking : ” Act Man, why did it take you so long to cover DOOM, to play it and make a video ? ” And there’s a very good answer for that : Shut The F*ck Up I’m amazed that I didn’t pick this game up sooner So thanks to all the people who constantly bugged me nagged and harassed me to play it. Yes, even you Reykjavik [ THANK YOU ] And I’m even more impressed that DOOM 2016 could not only steer the series in the right direction. But could also settle into a nice spot within the ultra-competitive first-person shooter market Just imagine how hard it is to bring a series back to life When the latest entry came out back in 2004 and arguably wasn’t even the same genre of game that the originals were DOOM 3 played more like a horror game from what I recall but DOOM 2016 is a whole different barrel of demons Perhaps the passage of time made us forget what the doom series was all about. What defines it. What about the new Snap Map feature ? Was that any good ? Or the multiplayer? Does this game truly recapture the magic of the originals in every aspect ? Was the transition to modern-day rough or smooth ? Well, let’s smack the shit out of some demons, run with sanic like speed AND chainsaw our way straight into this When I think of the most influential video games in this now multi-billion dollar industry I think it games like Pong Super Mario Brothers Mortal Kombat Street Fighter 2 Half-Life 1 & 2 Metal Gear Solid World of Warcraft Grand Theft Auto 3 Ocarina of Time Bioshock Dark Souls And of course, DOOM But besides Pong and Half-Life and arguably, Bioshock. You might have noticed that every game I listed it, Is within a series that encountered unprecedented success and still going strong to this day. Prior to 2016, DOOM had essentially fallen off the face of Mars. I mean, everyone who’s played a video game knows about it. But for many years, I feel like gamers looked at DOOM as a series past its prime. That had its golden moment in history, And was nothing more than a once influential game that now belongs in a museum. Ironically enough, Duke Nukem and DOOM were both going through a period of development hell simultaneously And when Duke Nukem Forever hit the shelves, it was…. was just SHITTTT So after that colossal blunder, No doubt fans awaiting the next installment of doom were pretty nervous I mean, So much had changed since DOOM was at the forefront of gaming. Could this iteration really adapt to the current market? Could it do what it did 23 years ago and still be fun and successful ? Duke Nukem and DOOM, Were Titans of their time that just couldn’t seem to claw their way back to mainstream relevance But that all changed when the Demon Nation attacked. It’s pretty goddamn mind-blowing that, Bethesda and id Software join forces to create this game and yeah, its software is definitely not made up of the same people back from 1993 but it’s the same company, you know, it’s part of their identity What better way to recreate the timeless magic of old gold than through the original? Company who made it. It’s like having Mark Hamill return as Luke Skywalker 34 years later in the last Jed. Oh god, no, no not like that So instead of droning on about the history of doom yadda yadda yadda I’ll just let the man on stage sum it up for me and 1893 a small studio named in software made a first-person shooter called doom that forever changed gaming First person shooters became a phenomenon deathmatch was born and doom became a cultural icon To this day doom is considered one of the most important and influential games in the history of our industry but the foundation of any Doom experience past or present is Unquestionably combat that’s centered around three things badass demons big effing guns That’s right. And Moving really really fast. I think once people heard this short description They were totally on board And it appeared like it’s software in Bethesda knew what people were looking for the potential for this game to be a complete flop a total failure and an insult to the Legacy of Doom was massive, but it didn’t turn out that way at all so if you were confused about what kind of tone this game would go for your confusion is Alleviated in the first 40 seconds doom lets you know, it ain’t gonna pull no punches Not instead it fucking throws them Yeah right in the face if you want to talk story It’s pretty simple and we’ll get into that later on but you wake up on Mars in the midst of a demonic invasion And you’ve got to crack some skulls shatter some kneecaps and send those wretched creatures screaming back to hell Oftentimes video games will have overly tedious tutorials that stop you every 5 seconds to let you know how to press the a button With tons of exposition and explanation of the mechanics and it can really drone on but not here much like the movement of the game itself doom gets you up to speed with its mechanics very quickly and Doesn’t waste your time every gun has two methods of fire and partway through the first mission You’re given an attachment by these friendly cute field drones and doom guy says thanks you piece of shit in this Tutorial you’re taught how to clamber explore for secret items hidden caches of weapons, etc And every time you pick up a new weapon you get this cool animation that shows it off get you acquainted with the design Within your first couple fights, you should instantly understand that standing still is a death Wish you should understand how the game is meant to be played After a 12-year hiatus and one of the most iconic gaming franchises of all time the importance of a tutorial that teaches you Everything you need to know in such a short amount of time Cannot be understated less tutorial means more demon-killing. So you find your sexy ass Nostalgia filled power armor that is most certainly not for pussies You get introduced to some robotic voice push that hook and monitor out of your face and there on your way Picking up a shotgun and getting straight to work After shooting your way through an ass load of enemies you arrive at an elevator and this is where the game really kicks off I’m willing to take full responsibility The banks of the last 24 hours, but unit must understand our interest in their world Everything has clearly gotten out of there Fuck yeah, you punch that fucking boys that piece of shit boys. You don’t know you do guys back, baby These first five minutes are a perfect representation of what to expect Throughout the rest of the game with doom guy feeling just as badass if not more So to this generation of gamers, then he was to gamers back in 1993 playing through doom is an experience that gets you fucking jacked ready to go ready to kill and Nothing gets you more pumped up than seeing doom guy solve every single problem with his fists or an endless stream of bullets And it’s because doom brings all these radical feelings and emotions out of the player that leads me to my next point I Apologize in advance for the copious amounts of swearing expletives and Testosterone-fueled rampages in this video, but I can’t fucking help it dude. This games music and tone gets you hyped like none other so Bethesda and did you’re telling me the premise of this game is that I’m the most feared man alive known to demons as the Doom Slayer and I get a whoop ass with some of the most awesome weapons while accompanied by a visceral Hardcore ear piercing bass pounding metal as fuck sound tracked hook it up to my veins Everything about doom is a rush the music flow of combat the glory kills But it’s not such a dopamine filled adventure That doesn’t have quiet moments – however There is one core flaw one crippling Mind-boggling decision that was made behind the scenes that almost makes me want to put doom down and never play it again Why is there an option to turn the music off who would pick this option and why is it in the options menu? But seriously, even like going through the options and setting your controller inputs on what night let’s listen to the fucking soundtrack If there is an award category for greatest music that plays while you adjust the brightness I think doom would win it. There’s something otherworldly about doom soundtrack It feels like whatever actions the player makes the game itself Responds and reacts to those actions when you’re mowing down demons and you run up to glory kill them the soundtrack Notices this and almost freezes that moment in time before whatever godforsaken creature is put down for good It’s like a cinematic hit like this This is a game where the players inputs contribute to the soundtrack You know, I used to think there were few musical gods in the video game industry But now I know Mitt Gordon is one of them like good job, man This soundtrack is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in a video game and you people watching this Is there any other soundtrack that sounds at all similar to what you’re listening to right now? What’s crazy to think is the music for this game was in my opinion nearly completely ruined according to macgowran Imagine if Bethesda and it stayed the course stuck to their guns and said no metal music in doom. Well Thank the fucking doom Slayer They ended up giving Gordon more creative freedom because otherwise I probably wouldn’t be talking about the soundtrack would have been some generic Sci-fi piece of crap when the music stops so frequently. Yeah. It might get slightly annoying at times But this is what makes each playthrough unique The music wasn’t created in the simplest way where you just have the piece and play it in the background Doing that can often result in the music not reflecting What’s happening on screen the moments you enter an exit combat perform glory kills or kill a Gore nest all have these Transitory audio effects which basically means the soundtrack can stop on a dime and move into a different part of the song Seamlessly, so by combining dooms hardcore metal with it’s quiet pieces and subtle transitions What we have here is a soundtrack that follows the player and maintains powerful immersion with them throughout the entire game Mick gordon has created a soundtrack that is never out of sync or out of tune with the players actions and that to me is Unheard of but I just went on a huge tangent. Where was I? Oh, yeah, that’s right The feeling doom gives the player the feeling of complete control Whenever I talk about controls in a game review I’ll usually say one or two sentences about it if it’s awesome and plenty more if it’s bad because similar to the user interface It’s a type of thing that you just don’t really notice unless something is wrong with it or it’s really really good Contrary to doom 3 the 2016 version is empowerment captured in its purest form because horror games are meant to strip you of your power in order to frighten the player and make it seem like you can’t actually Battle this threat Doom guy is always in control and therefore So are you he seeks revenge doesn’t back down doesn’t use stealth doesn’t hide that shit’s for pussies You hear that Solid Snake now at first playing doom felt strange to me I wasn’t used to moving this fast without having to lower my gun and sprint I wasn’t accustomed to not constantly mashing the X button to reload after every Firefight I wasn’t used to playing a shooter that gave me a map screen that rewarded me for Exploring and then I realized that throughout the majority of my time playing shooter campaigns Many of the FPS games that employ these mechanics were actually hindering my fun I spent so much time getting accustomed to modern triple-a games and how similar they all are. How linear I’ll buy the books that I forgot. There are actual benefits to removing sprint linearity and yes even Reloading in a first-person shooter, of course, not every game should try to copy doom but the point I want to make is the game ends up feeling so unique because these mechanics aren’t Disrupting the flow of gameplay at all. Let’s talk about QuickTime events Oh, yes, the thing that most gamers would tell you is an unnecessary cheap gimmick that adds nothing to the game Press f to pay respects anyone remember that meme that was the pinnacle of QuickTime events Oh, but in doom, yeah, they actually working here because if you open a door You have to actually fucking open it I don’t know about you but part of me always felt it was kind of weird when you were playing a shooter and your character was supposed to open a Door press a button flip a vehicle or whatever and it did it Automatically it’s not a bad thing though because it keeps you in control But in order to make the player feel the beats of the game the combat the quiet and everything in between These quick time events serve as those natural momentary pauses they give you a much-needed Chance to breathe. They are exactly that quick. No button mashing bullshit There’s no tedious factor to this Part of the fun of doom comes from watching how doom guy handles things around him whether he’s pushing a button pulling a key card Off a corpse punching a field drone. We all get a sense of doom guy through the sum of all these small actions boy I never thought I’d spend any amount of time talking about QuickTime events in a video game without mentioning how shit most of them are Resident Evil 4 made me accept QuickTime events, but doom 2016 made me like them So now that we know the control is fucking perfect. What’s the next logical step? the gameplay I Love how barely half a year after doom came out companies such as EA started saying shit Like boy might come as doubt won’t Lee is single Brian games crikey, you can’t make as much money off a single prior because it’s not alive service Andrew Wilson you’re Absolutely, right what we need is more of this Because this is way more cool and fun than this Doom is the perfect example of why this sentiment needs to fuck off at its core doom is Unapologetic the game could care less about how the industry has warped your expectations since its long hiatus It’s hard to figure out where I need to go says the gamer. Fuck you replies doom figure it out What are you a bitch can’t find your way through hell here. Take this copy of kitty cat squirt gun battle You can play it over at weenie hut Juniors, I’m sure you’ll feel right at home Pussy I love this doom Does its own thing fully commits to it and doesn’t baby-talk the player you’d think that in this day and age of ultra-sensitive? Pussies in the widespread plague of the cult of outrage that a series that has been mired in controversies and accused of inspiring mass shootings would a you know maybe try to play it a little safe wouldn’t want doom guy to be too masculine because then the women’s might feel the Imaginary firm grip of the patriarchy around their throats. Oh, you better not show gratuitous violence because that’s bad an OMG There’s been eight billion shootings across the world since doom came out coincidence. Whoa, whoa whoa You can’t show that satanic imagery that’s gonna recruit young kids into worshipping Satan Inside of these video games is actually the devil and the demons amongst all this bullshit People are throwing on to the game industry Doom doesn’t give a flying fuck you either play it and like it or don’t and it doesn’t care It’s so fucking sweet and awesome. When you realize doom 2016 is essentially the release of all the pent-up frustration of gamers in the gaming community from being attacked over the years that older men were using Grand Theft Auto 3 as a murder and carjacking simulator eat a dick Jack Thompson You think you can talk shit about GTA and get away with it? distilled down to its essence the plot device works by trading the disempowerment of female characters for the empowerment of Melkor get Destroyed Anita you’re too fragile for this hardcore shit He was trained to kill Call of duty Suck on this Christians, oh, no, the children are gonna be indoctrinated into joining Satanist cults Ha ha you fucking idiots. Don’t make me laugh. Whoo. It feels so good. The the sweet release Hardcore metal and badassery aside. Let’s actually discuss gameplay Well without a doubt doom 2016 took heavy inspiration From its origins the flow of combat a variety of enemies with different strengths and weaknesses Secret areas and an uncompromising commitment to fun Doom gives new meaning to the phrase float like a butterfly Sting like a bee the game is based around the concepts of moving fast to dodge incoming Attacks while focusing on shooting you’ll notice there’s no need for sprint. There’s no need for thruster packs There’s no need for ground pounds or wall running or grappling hooks. There’s no need for aiming down sights It is as classic and cool as it gets and it parallels the designs of the original games pretty much Perfectly throughout the game your arsenal of weapons gets larger as does the difficulty and Combination of enemies the weapons and sandbox of this game is incredibly fun and versatile The double-barreled shotgun is devastating up close the minigun Lets just spray bullets all over the place Plasma rifle lets you suppress the enemies and burn them to a crisp the chainsaw lets you mutilate those pathetic demons and The BFG Is your get-out-of-jail-free? card, I could go on and on about the weapons and how perfect they are in tandem with the enemies and just how fun they are to use but I want to take a minute to segue into the design of the enemies as Explained by Mark Brown in his video what we can learn from doom What makes the game so fun is the straightforward design of every single enemy and how the game makes the player Understand what each one of them does I highly recommend watching that video because it’s incredibly relevant to this game just as it was for the original But we see this unique design from the lowly possessed all the way up to the intimidating Barrens of hell You will never be confused by the tactics the enemies use against you For example imps are rather weak up close, but have numbers on their side and throw fireballs from range Hellraisers are the snipers which will try to take you out from afar Forcing you to dodge their attacks and get up in their face Hell nights are burly up close brawler’s that put the pressure on you Summoners are floating telekinetic supporters Every enemy has its strengths weaknesses and strategies for instance The kakko demons are huge balls that hover in the air making clothes weapons like the shotgun not as useful However, the gods cannon is perfect against them because they are such a big target and don’t move fast Similarily. The man Kubis is an armored badass tank that can be easily outmaneuvered. But deadly up close if you’re not careful All the demons have weak points Which you’ll learn to exploit over time like the pinkies who will charge recklessly at you and leave their backs exposed to summarize the core gameplay I’ll paraphrase and Reiterate what Mark Brown said the secret of Doom’s fun factor is in the nitty-gritty combat and how every battle turns into something of a dance of careful positioning and rapid-fire decisions and in fact The game has made several improvements from its original where often times you would have to backtrack to find health packs armor ammo that sort of thing if you’ve got to a tough area but this time there’s a workaround for that go in for Glory kills will ensure health drops and chainsaw kills will Automatically give you more ammo so it’s not as unforgiving as the original They really nailed all the little details like being able to set your weapon in the classic placement I honestly believe these types of design choices could have only been made by a company that truly cared about fan service and the fans There’s so many little things. I probably wouldn’t notice or mention but that I’m sure the hardcore fans will appreciate to no end But behind the actual combat lies a lot of depth and a surprising amount of customization the game is heavily based around the concept of Exploration discovery and progression and it’s got some very appreciated light RPG mechanics Some of the secrets require you to be attentive to your surroundings You need to think critically if you want the reward, there’s tons of secret areas that will give you special ammo collectibles armor health, etc Now one of the few gripes I have with doom is if you’re even a little bit OCD about collecting things You’ll be checking your map constantly which can interrupt the game, but that’s really just a personal thing So by exploring the levels around you and not trying to race through the game as fast as possible you are rewarded with upgrade tokens for your guns your armor and attachments for your weapons There’s also argent energy capsules which permanently increase your health ammo or armor giving you a choice of what you think You need most one of the coolest things about doom are the secret levers hidden in every single mission Which are hard to find and reveal a throwback level from the original game which also unlocks a classic level I was blown away the first time I found one that type of throwback is very much appreciated and the Transition between the old and new graphics was hilarious to witness and a symbol of how far we’ve come since then But it’s not just through the secrets within each level that your character becomes stronger You’ve got rune trials which give you passive bonuses. They’re unique can fit your play style So it’s essential to unlock each one and each level has its own set of challenges Which earn you weapon upgrade tokens? There’s challenges for your guns doing special things with them or killing a certain number of enemies in a time frame Will allow you to get the strongest weapons possible The best thing about dooms campaign is you’re not just mindlessly shooting demons down a linear path until the game ends but you’re trying to get the most upgrades possible you’re Strategically thinking about what to unlock and when it’s all about finding which weapons you like best Which attachment suits you and what to invest your points in which adds a lot of variety to each and every playthrough of doom Classic video game power-ups also make a return you’ve got stuff like haste which turns you into a manly art version of Sonic there’s quad damage, which Gives you quad damage and my personal favorite berserk which gives you the combined strength of Mike Tyson Andre the Giant the rock John Cena and Every single person that’s ever been strong and lets you punch any demon big or small for the instant kill god I love these animations now to rewind back to QuickTime events once again in combat They work just as well but renamed glory kills and these are fucking epic It shows how badass doom guy is. He doesn’t just shoot the demons He rips their eyes out tears off their horns and stabs him with it They’ll crush their skulls with the might of a thousand paladin’s performing glory kills not only rewards with health drops But gives you a sick animation to watch the game is giving you positive reinforcement through the gameplay and visuals Combined with the sickest fuck Mick Gordon’s soundtrack doom 2016 campaign and gameplay is one of the best single-player first-person shooters I’ve ever played Especially in this current era of gaming where companies think investing in single-player modes isn’t worth it Doom lets everyone in the industry know just how fucking stupid that is So Before we jump into the multiplayer let’s discuss the story briefly well, unlike most PlayStation exclusives that bludgeon you over the head with 30-minute photorealistic unskipable cutscenesthat’s Sometimes you just want to play Essentially you are the doom Slayer a man So notorious and powerful the tides of Hell trembled in fear against his unstoppable onslaught Sight note, it’s really cool you get some backstory and insight into the doom Slayer when you’re actually in hell I thought that was a really neat touch anyways your goal is to stop the demonic invasion on Mars and to do this you work with Vega and Artificial intelligence and Samuel Hayden a man who turned into a robot and the woman responsible For this is Olivia Pierce the plot that unravels is your typical sci-fi Humans, try to capture and harness an extremely dangerous and volatile energy Alien or whatever it ends up going terribly wrong, and you’ve got to save the day It’s predictable and not the most engaging story however As George Lucas once said it’s stylistically designed to be that way and you can’t undo that but we can diminish the effects of it Because if dooms story was any more engaged any more emphasized any more forced it would take away from doom guys role in it Your role doom guy is there to kill demons and fuck them up? The story is there to set the framework for the gameplay and give you an excuse to run around shooting things in this sense if the story had twice as many cutscenes and dialogue it would just add a force narrative so I can understand if people were Disappointed with this story but this way it shifts the emphasis onto the gameplay itself Which is much more engaging however to combat this Lackluster narrative the game includes plenty of codex’s lore history and things to read this was the perfect choice Because it allows the player to learn more about the world universe Laura and history on their own time Instead of on the games time what I love about doom guy is how his actions are the polar opposite of most video game protagonists You know when? Cortana tells you to walk into that glowing beam of light you do it because she told you to Because she knows where the next missions gonna take place or when Woods tells you to keep quiet so you can sneak through the Soviet Forces, you know you do it because he told you to but doom guy doesn’t need a fucking guide We were only temporarily disabling the You need to remove each lens individually carefully release the hinges He doesn’t need to do what people tell him to in a nutshell dooms story is downplayed so that the gameplay is given more opportunities to shine so that forced cutscenes in a forced narrative don’t distract from what is at the heart of the Experience and if you care to learn more, it’s all there in the brilliantly written and intriguing codex But how does the multiplayer fair because doom back in its heyday wasn’t just about the single player He had maps mods and modes ports the beginnings of the online area gaming really started here. So 23 years later and here we are and It’s underwhelming to say the least but not in the sense that it just plain old sucks like Call of Duty infinite warfare dooms multiplayer is underwhelming similar to Halo 4 because of a failure to recapture this series identity and Wouldn’t you know wouldn’t you know, it’s the same company that helps create both certain affinity. Don’t get me wrong It’s not an awful multiplayer component. It can be pretty fun and honestly It’s refreshing because it’s different but the problem is dooms Single-player stayed true to its origins and the multiplayer does not it has been modernized it May I ask a simple question who the hell asked for loadouts in an arena shooter? What’s the point? Oh, oh, I’ll tell you it’s because multiplayer games can’t just be good fun They need to have a progression system. You need to unlock stuff. So you feel good Even if you suck they got these demon power-ups Which lets you take control of a demon it essentially acts in a very similar way to ordnance drops Which is kind of scary to think about adding that random power spike to whichever lucky player happens upon it, you know It’s pretty cool. It spices things up letting me play as the demon so I’m not hating on that And yes Even the loadouts are fun to customize But but it’s just it’s not what doom was about and I’ll say it right now This multiplayer is leagues better than Halo 4 It’s got a bunch of super creative game modes, like freeze tag has incredible versatile map design There’s plenty of ways to maneuver around unique gimmicks like going out into space The actual gameplay is pretty great. The shooting the controls all of its pretty fun so back to loadouts the classic arena shooters of the olden days were all about running around the map super fast picking up weapons and Collecting an arsenal not only was movement fast, but player reaction times had to be as well You couldn’t pause Slow down the game to switch to the right weapon for the current situation You had to do that in the heat of the moment I just don’t see any good reason why the entire? Multiplayer had to be designed around a two weapon loadout system at least have some type of motor Playlist that’s classic that gives players the classic arena Doom experience. Another thing that bugs me is the announcer You know how games like Unreal Tournament quake and Halo all kind of started this trend of badass announcers Yeah, that’s one of the core pieces of an arena shooter However, despite how fucking cool Doom is stylistically the choice of announcer while fitting with the story is lame Bacon doesn’t sound doom like he didn’t need to be the announcer and his Pleasant robotic demeanor doesn’t represent the kick-ass gameplay all that well the other piece of Modernization is and I couldn’t even believe it when I saw I couldn’t even believe it after playing the multiplayer fucking emotes Really? Really? Well, let’s say someone comes to doom and they never played the original games never saw much about him But knows about this series and they hopped straight into the multiplayer and they see this and you know, what? they’re gonna think they’re gonna be like Wow, so this is what Doom is about. Wow. I didn’t realize this game was so gay Like what was the conversation they had in the board meeting? Hey, we’ve got this super awesome single-player revolving around killing demons with kick-ass weapons But what should we add into the multiplayer to make it more cool and hip? Oh, I know Why don’t we give players the options to dance around like a goddamn? Cheerleader that’s cool. That’s what the kids like these days. Yeah. These emotes are lame, dude they are so lame in contrast to how kick-ass the rest of the experience is the modernization of Doom’s multiplayer is lame and totally contradicts that masterpiece of a single player because the campaign stayed true to its roots while the multiplayer did not Multiplayer has the same principles as the campaign. They just played differently it’s pretty fun for casual play and I kind of like it that way because it’s something that doesn’t draw your focus away from the Main attraction at least dooms multiplayer didn’t try to be a fucking eSport So for this section, I’m gonna throw in difficulty snap map and overall content into one now I’ve never been terribly good at using in-game tools to create maps whether it be Starcraft Warcraft three custom games Gmod forged from Halo It’s a real shame that I can’t dedicate more time to these things and actually finish maps because all that time goes to making videos Yeah, the thing you’re watching. The snap map in Doom is pretty incredible and I only got a taste of it just messing around and I’m judging that based on what I can see it do what’s possible I mean It’s really given Halo 5 a run for its money come to think of it the armor customization kind of looks like halo a bit Mm-hmm, and they got this mode clan arena, which mmm kind of seems like breakout Anyways, these types of modes and tools when given to the player and sure the game will never run out of content Scrolling through these menus. It’s pretty overwhelming, too I mean I don’t even know where to start the fact that you can actually script AI and enemies in a console game is not only Revolutionary but it just opens up so many possibilities People have created things like farming simulators escort missions custom single-player levels. You name it? It’s all here So there’s a mode for the more creative artistic driven gamers to experiment with for my first playthrough I chose hurt meet plenty difficulty aka normal mode, and it was fun yet challenging I think it speaks volumes to how well tuned the challenges when I can say I was never frustrated Or felt like I hit a wall the only thing that annoyed me was some platforming stuff But that’s just because I was playing like a fucking idiot So now that I beaten the game now that I know the mechanics I can’t wait to up the ante and play it on Ultraviolence nightmare or even ultra nightmare replayability for the campaign is very strong It’s definitely appealing to completionists and those that want to find every nook cranny and secret the game has to offer And just in case you thought you’d experienced it all there’s an arcade mode, too If you don’t want to worry about collectables or weapon upgrades or anything, this is the mode for you It’s great to kick back and play this without the commitment of really having to pay attention to the finer details But wait, there’s more right now If you pull that lever and find the secret entrance We’ll throw in the ability to play classic doom levels for free and what a trip it is Honestly, I mean god damn Doom is absolutely loaded with content from the campaign to Arcade Mode Throwback levels snap map multiplayer. It’s beyond worth its initial price tag And if you’re ever having a discussion about what a game should offer for 60 bucks Make sure you bring up doom because it’s the front runner the Paragon the game gives you the ultimate Fanservice the ultimate variety and packs in a few surprises that you wouldn’t expect and that’s the real kicker for video games when a company is able to put so much effort into making their product that the Consumers are surprised by how much bang they got for their buck. I am so happy I finally decided to check out doom 2016 and I just had to make a video on it even though I’m two years late and we’re already coming up on the sequel doom eternal I think gamers throughout all these years have needed something like doom to be one of the frontrunners of the game industry to Represent us this hobby. We love and the fun. We enjoy the long hiatus of doom one of the top three most influential gaming franchises Needed to end That’s almost like modern gaming had lost its away without doomed to remind people what was special about video games and shooters in the first place doom needs a place in the industry because Mario is like the frontman who makes all the non gaming folk feel like it’s a cheerful happy place and then doom guy strolls in Smack some right in the face and tells a min all rainbows and daisies. There’s hardcore shit in here, too The snap map feature was a welcome addition and you know, whatever limitations you see it having This is a great stepping stone to something epic something to rival the forge mode in. Halo This is gonna force other companies to step up their game if they want to compete with doom The soundtrack was simply stunning enemy design phenomenal story passable and core gameplay unparalleled the single-player is simply a Masterpiece that any fan of shooters needs to play if you haven’t already you need to experience this for yourself to truly appreciate It while the multiplayer doesn’t stay true to its roots it can still be a lot of fun to play if you can get over the Modernization doom 2016 could have easily been a vapid poor excuse of a game made only to sell itself based off Nostalgia doom wasn’t just a call back to the origins of first-person shooters It was also a return to form and that is why doom 2016 is so shit

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  1. And so he dove into YouTube, propelled by his love of dope ass games and those in the comments named him…

    The Act Slayer

  2. So for quick time events, I always thought it would’ve been more fun for a bit more interaction. So let’s say in DOOM, when you open doors, you have to tilt both analog sticks the opposite direction as if you’re actually pulling apart the doors. Or a door where you pull it up, you tilt both sticks upward. I feel like neat stuff like that would’ve been kinda cool hahaha

    Now one where I wasn’t sure about is if Glory Kills had the same mechanic, like you tilted the sticks in different ways to preform glory kills, or press a button to maybe punch them first then tilt the sticks to rip their heads open the same way you would open doors in my hypothetical quick time mechanic.
    So you would jab A to repeatedly punch them in the face, and then tilt the joysticks in opposite directions to tear their face apart. It could’ve added a bit more interaction and it might’ve been fun to experiment with different button combinations so It actually felt like you were REALLY preforming this glory kills.

    The only problem with my idea is that Glory Kills were fun because they were so quick, and instant and didn’t really get in the way of shoot, and maaaaybe having to preform a quick time might be repetitive or annoying after a while, as regular Glory Killing was so instant. But again, maybe there would’ve been a satisfaction to actually tearing apart a demon’s skull manually hahahah

  3. campaign 10/10
    soundtrack 15 /10
    multiplayer 8/10

    guns 20/10
    demons 10/10
    game itself 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999/10

  4. Little kid: why do you say doom 2016? It's the first one ever
    Me: pulls out doom 3 special edition for pc
    Little kid: that's an old game thats not any good.
    Me: die.

  5. "Suck on that Christians!" What?!? The heck it's literally like a Christan wet and, you're literally destroying hell and resisting the corruption of the demons.

  6. The only thing I didn’t enjoy in this game was the boss battles they sucked, but aside from that it was fricken awesome

  7. Act man: there's a good reason I didn't play DOOM until now
    Me: Ok lets hear it…
    Act man: shut the fuck up…
    Me: …

  8. Honestly I'm a Christian and I see no problem with this game at all even though I've never played and honestly I think It's GREAT imagine yourself as a Christian cracking the skulls of God's enemys that are constantly are enemy IRL as well It feels awesome!! If Satan were an enemy in this game I would instantly say Fuck You! GTFO! and I would tear him to shreads all day

  9. I feel like with all the shit happening right now, Bethesda is definitely going to find a way to fuck up doom eternal

  10. Fun fact: The "instrument" during the menu music at 12:33 is just straight up a fucking chainsaw ran through a synthesiser.

  11. I know doom soundtrack is supposed to get you hyped but I find it relaxing in a way or is that only me?

    I like waiting in the menu and just fall asleep to it feels nice

  12. The only other game I think comes near to the awesomeness of Doom is Killer Instinct for Xbox One. Mick Gordon certainly knows his shit.

  13. 36:40 I'm fine with the emotes. They're harmless and don't effect gameplay so, I like it. A funny little thing to add.
    You get finished ripping off a demons horn and forcing it down their esophagus, turn around, and your buddy is flossing, lol.

  14. I actually turned the music off…

    to Listen to the soundtrack on Spotify while playing so I wouldnt have to wait between the Fights.

  15. When I bought this my aunt came into my room and started to say “how dare you play this satanic game it will turn you into a satanist and shit”, aunt it’s just a game

  16. It's not that awesome. Doom (2016) is a decent game.
    I'd give it a 7/10 and if it had better music instead of that generic stuff I might give it 8/10.

  17. Act Man what are your thoughts on DOOM eternal? Also please make a video when it comes out it’s gonna be awesome

  18. A question nobody ever asked – because nobody needed to. (Fun vid though, watched it while deciding if I should play DOOM again or not (spoilers: I did))

  19. My ex: wow why is the protagonist of that game a muscular man why can't it be a woman…

  20. Had a bad day at work? School? Want to shoot some shit without going to jail and becoming a martyr by the media to use you to yell at trump and video games and ban guns then buy doom 2016 or doom eternal now and pickup that gun and shoot those mother fucking demons great way to relive stress fun for the whole family even kids

  21. Personally I wish this game had more bosses. It took me 6 hours of play (out of ten hours total for first completion) until encountering the first boss.

    Also the cliffhanger ending really annoyed me

  22. sorry i guys, i installed and plyaed for next fifteen minutes and kept on telling myself i will be in love with it. but on fourth day i uninstalled it.

  23. I actually enjoy the multiplayer. While it doesn't even hold a candle to the OG multiplayer, it is really fun. Emotes aside, I think Id may have decided to focus on the campaign in order to make it the best experience possible, which, job well done. And it's not the worst multiplayer ever, so, cool.

  24. I was actually a really big fan of the first doom remake as well. It wasn't as polished, no… but it was intense and seriously fucking dark. Much darker than the 2016 remake even. The 2016 version was more fun to play overall, but they didn't quite master the horror elements as well as the earlier version. Both were great games, but I think that together, they could've been mashed up to be something even greater. Take the mechanics of the 2016 version and the darkness and atmosphere of the earlier one.

  25. Doom was multiplayer…. I allways hate if nobody talks about it…

    We played it in coop at Nightmare difficulty with seriel cable. 😀 i worked my ass off, to earn enough money aside from school to get me the new 486 DX4 100, to play it in its full glory.

    But hey, old Master Race dont die.

  26. Dude you nailed it. I've been saying a lot of the same things about the new era of gaming. They hold your hand or they waaaaay over complicate things with all these systems and bullshit that feels like homework.

    Doom fucking wrecked me!! I picked it up and played it and was sooo hooked and had too much fun because it's just like what games use to be and your review accurately explains why I've felt so bored with games in the first place. The only complaint I have about doom, is when I was done playing it I wanted to play another game as fun as doom. And I realized. There arent any. I'm like a junkie waiting for the next doom eternal to come out.

  27. Also, the thing that people that say Doom is evil and has the devil inside it and stuff like that? YOU ARE LITTERALLY DESTROYING DEMONS not joining them!!!!!!!!

  28. people: *say doom isn't good
    me: it is, shut the fuck up mother fucker, do you want me to rip your heart out with the berserk powerup?

  29. The only sound Track that for me comes close to doom is the Killing floor 2 sound track

  30. Music isn't metal enough for me, not to say I don't enjoy it. Most games' music is hippity pop or some light rock music, so having some fucking metal in a game is definitely a welcome.

    Next we need some music like Humanity's Last Breath, One More Victim, Hour of Penance, etc. to enter the games.

  31. 00:43 ! nani jokes over doom 3 felt like the event horizon of the doom franchise they tried to hard to make it a horror rather than a hack and slash/blow there fucking heads off with a explosive shotgun i loved the new doom i've completed it on every difficulty and did a couple of speed runs i cant wait for doom eternal it will be a great game

  32. I didn’t think the online was that great when I played it, which was when it dropped, shortly after too… but the Campaign was fucking Bad ass

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