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Work In Tune – Team Building & Team Development

Work In Tune – Team Building & Team Development

Okay, how was that? What really surprised me the most was how much learning we actually got from the workshop People have come to me and said “wow – I really learned something – so much more than I’ve done at so many other workshops This was just deep in another way. And I think – that was actually a surprise for me Carola, how was it?
– That was amazing Really, I felt very powerful Having all these people to do what they were supposed to do with just one breath When I first sat down it was pretty abstract – the ting about musicians and a bank but I think there is a great match Some of the reflections that I have had during the time here fits really well with the everyday life we have and the things we need to pay attention to in the job we have When I heard the consensus – no it’s not consensus but rather team spirit they had and how perfectly they played together Then I’m thinking that there’s a lot of that we can transfer to our daily work It’s another kind of learning when you experience something physical, when you sense something instead of just sitting and talking about it Intuitively you understand what it takes and how high performance feels by sitting here today as a part of the ensemble

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