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World-Systems Theory

World-Systems Theory

World Systems Theory is a theory of international relations developed by Immanuel Wallerstein it provides a structuralist explanation of global inequality, best viewed as a pyramid the “Core” states, dominating the system, use the
global capitalist economy for their own elevation beneath the Core is the Semi-Periphery, the purgatory of nations, seeking to elevate themselves to claim their place among the Core states, and escape their scorned past the Periphery states are the weakest in the international system disenfranchised and downtrodden peoples ruled by puppet governments subservient to global capitalists ruled by the excrement of the Core, known as NGOs a system of unequal exchange maintains that the Peripherals will not be given the lifestyle that they deserve through their industry providing all of the natural resources that are greedily devoured by the Core only to receive obsolete technology and hollow “aid” in return

22 comments on “World-Systems Theory

  1. When Haiti/Dominican Republic were a part of the French empire this island produced 20% of all French wealth. How much do you think the islanders saw? squat…

  2. it's funny how when i want to discuss topics like this one with some people, it seems to me that humans simply do not like listening to bad news… but like they say "everything that goes up, must one day come down" … and i believe it might be as well soon πŸ™‚

  3. @ant1412 Very true. I believe few people take home more than 30% of what they produce even in 'rich' nations.

  4. @7jerryv7 How much "should" they have seen ? In fact a better question to ask is this: how much can they produce in the "now" ? I take it you are from there? An even better question is "how much can YOU product' and/or "lead" so others can produce ? You have the power – not "history that is now gone"

  5. 2:49 minutes of sweeping generalizations about international relations as narrated by a child molester? How has this only got 16,000 views?

  6. What is the difference of dependency theory and world-systems theory? I understand that one is the precursor of the other.

  7. The clubofinfo channel has similar videos made from podcasts, worth subscribing to if you like International Relations (IR)!

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