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YouTube Promotes Climate Change Denial While Crushing Us

YouTube Promotes Climate Change Denial While Crushing Us

YouTube has been caught despite all of its
claims that it’s cleaning up its algorithm actively promoting videos containing completely
anti scientific climate change denial. This is based on a new report from Avaaz,
which I’m going to tell you about in a second. Many of you know that over the last 18 months,
our YouTube channel has been absolutely crushed by YouTube recommended video algorithm and
its monetization algorithm. I’ll have updated numbers for you from 2020
2019 in total later this week or early next week. I’m not going to retell the full details of
the story right now, but the gist of it is that in late 2018 YouTube started promoting
so-called authoritative content over fringe content and we were wrapped up in that. What they’ve they’ve done effectively is recommend
corporate legacy YouTube channels like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox news uses YouTube channels
over independent channels like ours, and it has hurt us hugely. I told you a couple of months ago that I believed
we were losing about two to 3 million views per month since early 2019 but it turns out
that it’s actually even worse than that. If you go back to February of 2017 we got
more than 6 million views just from YouTube recommendations. That’s not our whole channel. That’s just from the recommendations. In December of 2019 it was 600,000 that is
a literal decimation of our recommended views. The shortfall is as much as five and a half
million views in a month. This is destroying the channel. I truly, when I see those numbers, it’s so
disheartening and crushing to see it. Given what we have done over the last several
years to be a bigger and bigger part of the discussion on YouTube and to see our recommendations
shrink to barely 10% of what they once were. And then we find out because of this report
that Avaaz puts out, they look up 5,000 videos which come up when you search terms, climate
change, global warming and related terms, and then they look at 5,000 videos and then
they checked which videos is YouTube recommending when you are watching those videos, right? If you search for climate change and watch
a video, what does YouTube then suggest that you watch in the up next bar of videos that
shows up next to or below the video you’re watching, depending on whether you’re on mobile
or on a computer, depending on which search term you used, anywhere from eight to 21%
of the videos that YouTube recommended you watch. Next included climate science denial of different
kinds. 21% is more than one out of five. Now if YouTube said, we’re not taking any
position on promoting authoritative content over fringe, reliable content over conspiracies,
I’d say fine, they’re not taking a position. Their algorithm is not trying to promote authoritative
over fringe content and there’s some climate signs, denial stuff that has shown up, but
YouTube says we are going to promote authoritative stuff over fringe content and conspiracy content
and it costs our channel two, three, five and a half million views per month. But supposedly it’s worth it, right? Because they’re not promoting BS conspiracies
and fringe content. And yet in some cases, one out of five climate
change recommendations are for climate science denial conspiracy videos. Now you might wonder why is the recommendation
algorithm so important? There are so many ways people find videos,
things shared on social media, their subscriptions feed, direct searches. The up next feature, meaning this recommendations
algorithm dictates 70% of what people are watching on YouTube and it is costing us anywhere
from two to three up to five and a half million views per month. And meanwhile, anti-science climate denial
nonsense is still being suggested by YouTube. We have to fight this and unfortunately we
probably can’t get YouTube to change its algorithm. I am sending all of this data to my YouTube
rep seeing what they can do. What we can do is directly support channels. We value to ensure that they’re not tied to
YouTube ad revenue. I know I’ve said it before, that’s that’s
what we have to do. For us, it’s really easy. Membership and patriotic. Grab a membership on our website. We’ve got a discount code that is 66% off. That code is 2020 now. Okay. I don’t care at what financial level you’re
involved. Even if it’s two bucks a month using the code
2020 now do it. You can also just throw a dollar or two hour
way on Patrion at Pakman show. These are small amounts of money. In some cases, if you’re doing a dollar a
month, it’s almost like a micropayment, but it adds up when thousands of you do it, so
please consider it. The situation is dire. We are rapidly heading into an incredibly
important election with the YouTube recommendations algorithm not recommending independent channels
like ours. I’ll have a full report about the data, uh, later this week or early next.

100 comments on “YouTube Promotes Climate Change Denial While Crushing Us

  1. Welcome to neolib hellworld, where it's profit uber alles and the facts don't matter; gonna break my heart the day I can't find your channel :<

  2. David – are there any articles regarding being randomly unsubscribed from channels? I noticed I wasn't one day even though I had.

  3. I get the impression you think the UTube recommendations for should be zero for climate change deniers. If true, as a climate change denier myself, I find your opinion reprehensible and indicates you really are afraid your position might well be wrong.

  4. I've been noticing not only more and more corporate channel recommendations, including Fox News, but also nasty conservative independent channels. I delete so many videos my recommendeds end up being nothing but deleted notices. The anti-conspiracy claims are total bullshit.

  5. You scaremongered the content from creators you disagree with, this is what happens. You begged them to choose the safe alternative.

  6. For my part, I for one do not let corporate media or suggestions from morons who neither know nor care about my interests dictate what I like or engage in. As my personal motto dictates, "Ago Quod Volo". I do what I want. Corporate media can kiss my poor white A$$.

  7. This is to David Pakman: climate change deniers are full of it. All I needed to do last Sunday was go outside. It was nearly 70°. I'm in New England like you.

  8. Wrong title. Correct title: YouTube promotes climate realists ahead of reality deniers.

  9. David is lying about his recommendations I get them all the time, as for the climate change "deniers" there few people who deny climate change. The "deniers are those who have caught the "scientists" falsifying data, cherry picking data sets, and crying the sky is falling. Models have been shown to be off by as much as 30%. Every bit of bad weather is blamed on climate change. Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts. Oh by the way your channel should be "crushed" for the drivel that it is, But the views you get seem to indicate some one did something on your channel. Here' a good video for y'all kitten

  10. Think as I think said a man. Or you are abominably wicked. You are a toad. And after I had thought of it, I said, I then will be a toad.

  11. You don't seem to know what 'actively' means. They weren't intentionally promoting climate change denial and you know it.

  12. It's your content, it sucks. It usually seems like you have little to no understanding of the political characters and positions you oppose. I'd rather hear from kulinski or dore, or even pool or crowder frankly. Views suggest I'm not alone. Keep whining though.

  13. For the past year, every time any channel was suggested that was running a Fox News livestream (sometimes 2 to 4 channels on the home page simultaneously) I reported it as "hateful or abusive content" I have finally stopped seeing any Fox News recommendations.

  14. You just learned about how YouTube does it’s stuff? Welcome to the club!!! Your Twitch channel is the same deal…. you don’t matter to them, and you aren’t protected from corporations deal with it…

  15. deniers: climate change doesnt exist

    Australia: Hm, thats funny i dont remember having 75% of the continent being on fire but whos to say there isnt a flat Earthers that specially denys that Australia exists. cause i'd be lying if it was too.

  16. it's hilarious listening to a leftist bitch about percieved censorship by youtube, while stating that discussion of something he doesn't like (climate change is a hoax) should be……. censored. You can't make this shit up.

  17. Capitalism at it's finest. Money means more than anything, what do you expect? You Americans love that more than anything other than Jesus, and guns

  18. Remember… their motto used to be “do no harm” .. now they are a trillion dollar company working with the government and the two billionaires have stepped down now it’s all about the money … wait til they get the AI face recognition and location gathering on each and every citizen … we are almost there …

  19. I mostly listen to the show clips and don't watch them but now I have to stop every 5 minutes because a fox news clip is next and not another david pakman video.
    Recently I've started to make playlist because it's just annoying.

  20. Can confirm youtubes recommendations continue to lead toward "mainsteam" channels from your videos, Interesting that youtube feels it has to disclose funding/part funding from certain governments, but doesn't feel the need to disclose massive corporate interests and/or its own conflicting interests…

  21. I thought it was a conspiracy theory. When they started purging YT i had to listen constantly people talking about how the algorithm was some sort of neutral entity sent on earth to show us the truth.

  22. So David, you don’t care if they censor opinions that you don’t agree with, but since you’re opinions are facts, they should be promoting your channel. Bahahaha. As they say, the left will eat their own. Suck it.

  23. I watch a David Pakman video, I expect that the next video to be another DP video, but no. It jumps to last week tonight.

    Make algorithm great again

  24. Dont worry, YouTube is a corporate money sucking parasite. There's going to be more and more community minded evolution of online content streaming in the future so that no corporate system can tell us what to watch and how to watch it.

  25. Aw poor Pakman you sure enjoyed the golden days of deplatforming. Is silicon valley hurting your poor channel now 😭

  26. I just searched “climate change” and not one of the suggestions was for a denial video. Love your show but there is something in the search algorithm that knows my preferences or your premise isn’t correct.

  27. The people who work at YouTube who act like the overlords of new media are nothing but total goons who just peddle garbage.

  28. OF COURSE !!!!! 🤣😆😁😅

  29. I view 2, 3 or 4 David Pakman videos a day. I just went to my home page and in the category of "Top News" there is FOX, CBS, CNN, CBS and FOX.

  30. I want to play all of David Pakmans videos while i play Battlefield 1942. Unfortunately, if I play one video the next video will be a CNN video. I don't want to listen to CNN. I don't like CNN. I read the odd CNN headline or article but i don't want CNN videos to automatically play. Why would David Pakman fan want to listen to CNN?
    It also recommends a stupid comedy show called the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Dumb.

  31. Every time I watch one of your vids unless I am watching all david pakman videos I am ALWAYS given a link to Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, or John Oliver video. It is really bad word annoying since I don't feel like I can trust what they say unless I check it myself as well.

  32. Climate Change alarmism is science denial you idiot. Why is it that everyone on the left believes every damn thing they hear on television or read in the main stream literature? Why is it that you still believe the alarmist scientists knowing that they made predictions thirty years ago that the Maldives would be underwater and so would large parts of Florida and lower Manhattan, there would be no more snow in the US, there would be tens of millions of climate refugees, super storms would be ravaging the coasts, and several other ridiculous predictions that didn't materialize? Why do you believe them after they have been caught lying and manipulating data. Michael Mann's hockey stick has been debunked as a fraud, and the 97% consensus is an outright lie? Nothing has changed in thirty years, they lied and got caught, the predictions failed, and Michael Mann refused to submit his data to the court for inspection, and you still swallow everything those clowns tell you. They were saying the very same things thirty years ago and the predictions were the same. All they have done is advanced the dates. In1989 the deadline for fossil fuels was the year 2000. Today the deadline is 2030. What a coincidence, exactly thirty years later. Now the Maldives won't go under until 2050, fifty years later than predicted in 1989, and the Maldives are being bought up by billionaires. And do you remember the plight of the poor polar bears? Surely you remember the polar bears that were hanging on by a thread. They're thriving. There are more now than there was then. And now we know how they lied about the 97% of scientists that agree with the alarmism, more like 5%. And maybe that's why YouTube is ok with the real science of global warming. By the way, included in that group you call "Deniers" is Freeman Dyson, perhaps the most respected, most brilliant scientist living today plus thousands more do not agree with the science. You don't know the first thing about it but think you do. That's defined as stupid.

  33. And for the last how many years have the left support unfettered immigration? They call it a "crisis", yet deny supporting the one thing the right has been willing to do that would help some. In a crisis people do whatever little thing they can do as fast as they can. Nobody has taken it serious. The Al Gore carbon footprint says it all. Jets jetting, limos thrumming. Nobody cares. Give it up.

  34. YouTube TOTALLY panders to the alt right, case in point ALL my ads are pro trump, alt right, nra, republicam super pacs… Like WTF Hw anni target audience. I'm not but to YouTube brainwashing Americans like Facebook

  35. Awwwwww, you pour little snoflake baby.
    Funny thing though, this is ABSOLUTE FUCKING BULLSHIT!!

    Perhaps people simply dislike you, hence lower views…😱

  36. Since I have been about the age of 15 I have been so disheartened by the idea that anything can happen, that I could be anything, that I could do anything, and that I could make a change because of these sorts of lies and and because of the status quo that I really haven't done much. I mean things haven't substantially changed in 20 years now because the power that exist are too powerful and yet here is David Pakman still fighting to do and be and BECOME what we all aspire to be; someone who is willing to put it on the line and shout louder and longer than the rest till we finally are heard. You have earned a patron today friend. Keep on keeping on.

  37. Youtube is run by idiots with no loyalty to their content creation base. All to make money on cable TV content nobody asked for. It's the real reason youtube got shot up. Youtube literally sold out it's users and content creators to other Wall St media companies.

  38. David this is horrible what YouTube is doing to you. I noticed before this video that I would watch a video from your channel, and I was not getting recommendations for videos from your channel. I really hope this doesn’t destroy your channel. Your independent reporting is critical, factual, unbiased, and notable. Your independent reporting is so important to our system. I now will become a member to support you. Your very articulate voice needs to be heard.

  39. Hey David.
    I made this comment on another of your videos a few minutes ago.
    And even noticed I was No Longer Subscribed. Anyway…

    "Something I've noticed about YOUR CHANNEL that appears different from others.
    Most my viewing of YouTube is on mobile or Xbox.
    On mobile.
    The next recommend video is Never from your channel. 90+% of the time, every other video I watch is. And I watch a good variety.
    On Xbox,.. It's even More Obvious.
    When viewing a video, you always have other categories like,..
    More Recommendations, Related Videos, Suggested Videos,..AND,..
    The Videos Of The Channel You Are Viewing at the time. But.
    It doesn't ever have Your Video Channel Listed in the recommendations.
    Check it out, if your not already aware of this Discrepancy. Just seems bizarre 🤔"

    Many Are Getting Arrested
    Many Are Going Away 👍

  40. Im a computer scientist and this whole algorithm thing that YouTube is dealing with is EXTREMELY complex to fix. YouTube isnt purposefully being malicious just because they still recommend "fringe" and "conspiracy" videos. Its impossible to get the youtube algorithm to be accurate 100% of the time. Computers find it very hard to tell you what objects are in a photograph, compare that to asking a computer to find out if a youtube video if "fringe", "conspiratorial", or matches any other vague term. Its a job that is next to impossible to solve. The youtube algorithm problem will not be solved any time soon. I practically guarantee it. So this is not youtube cracking down or not caring about small channels(to some extent they are and do), its just that the issue basically is unsolvable with current programming techniques and computers.

  41. Quick question… when an ad comes up before a YouTube video how would I be able to know if it's a pay per click ad or just watching it 30secs ads??

  42. Even if only a small group of us fight back and report as many fake news stories as we come across we can correct the algorithm to suggest factual content. Selecting those three dots and pressing not interested on any mainstream media videos has meant that I rarely see mainstream media content, but that's just my suggestions, it doesn't apply to everyone else's suggestions.

  43. Operation mockingbird manipulated American media, Washington Post etc. YouTube is doing it on steroids. By direction?

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