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Zimbrick Careers | Join Our Automotive Service Team

Zimbrick Careers | Join Our Automotive Service Team

(upbeat music) – It’s been a great career. – I love my job. – Zimbrick’s a great place to work because it’s family owned, they
treat you like family, they care about you and they
care about the customer, and they are certainly
involved with our community. – I have never worked for an organization that had this many opportunities. If you get into a position, say it’s not necessarily a good fit, there’s always another opening, there’s always somewhere to
go within the organization. – I really like the teamwork. It takes teamwork from all aspects. It takes a team of service
riders to get the information, it takes the technicians to fix it, it takes the car washers to wash them, make them look nice when
the customers pick them up. And it’s just one big team. – When I first started, I thought I would have to, like, prove myself
worthy of working there. But everyone was really accepting and just no one is unwilling to help. – You get to know so many
people within the company, it is a large organization. And I feel like I can walk
into almost any building and at least know one person there. – Zimbrick is unique because
a lot of the employees that work for Zimbrick have been working for the company for most of their life. Some of the guys that I work with have been there for 10, 15 years. – I really like the team concept. As a team, there are five
members, or four members, on a team and you have a team lead. With that team lead, he
takes the responsibility to train and advance you and anything you can do to
make yourself better. It’s a great way to advance yourself and work with other technicians that have more experience
when you first start out. – I’ve had a friend who was interested in coming to work for Zimbrick, never worked on a car in his life. And six months later,
he is booking more work than some of the guys that
have work there for 10 years. And we’re totally delighted
with his progression so far. – They have a very aggressive profit plan, profit sharing plan, a 401k plan. And if an employee gets
in there at a young age and invests and makes the right
decisions, the right moves, you can retire from there with a very strong pension and benefits. – Zimbrick’s a great place to work because they take care of their own and they actually care about their employees. One unique thing about Zimbrick is it’s nice that they take
and look at employees who are trying to move up
and better themselves first, rather than just put out an ad. – Don’t think twice, there’s absolutely no reason to think twice. This is one of the best organizations I can even imagine working for. – I would encourage anybody to come to Zimbricks and
talk to one of managers if you’re thinking about
taking that career path and spend some time with us and maybe even shadow
with us for a half a day and see if it’s your culture you like, if it’s the position you
may be interested in. And we’re certainly more than glad to talk to anybody that’s looking to come in and visit Zimbrick Incorporated. – At Zimbrick, we are
looking for motivated people to join our family. Is it time for you to
start your Zimbrick story? You can learn more at – Come join the family! – Join the family! – Join the family! – Join the Zimbrick family! – A career as a service
technician isn’t just for boys. – All you have to do
is click the link below to fill our your application. – Come join the Zimbrick family!

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